PER•FECT (adj): absolute; complete

     Back in 2009, Sugar Grove Christian School built an 8,000 square foot expansion which included additional classrooms, bathrooms, a shower, storage areas and a gymnasium. The total cost of the church building expansion was approximately one million dollars. When the school closed in the Spring of 2016, the remaining loan balance was $206,050. Sugar Grove Church of Christ inherited this loan, which was refinanced for 4 years with an interest rate of 4.706%, bringing the total payment amount to $226,750. For more information, watch the Video below that we released in December. 

     About a month ago, we were approached with a unique opportunity to pay off the remaining $70,000 debt. We received an offer to match, up to $35,000 (dollar for dollar), any money given towards the loan in the month of February. With this incredible opportunity, we are asking that during February, our Sugar Grove family come together to raise the additional $35,000 so we can complete the 4-year loan debt in a matter of three months. By raising these funds, not only will the loan be finished but immediate budget relief will be felt as well. This will provide more resources to be poured into different areas of ministry here at Sugar Grove Church of Christ.
     Over the past month, we have been prayerfully considering this offer and the launch of this campaign. We are mindful that you have already given generously towards the loan. We understand that this campaign comes on the heels of our previous one; however, we think that this opportunity is too good to ignore. It is important to remember that any money given will be matched up to $35,000, so all gifts will make a substantial impact on the remaining debt. With this opportunity, our hope is that each family at Sugar Grove can participate as we move towards being a debt-free church. Again, thank you for your generosity. 

Jay Kosarek, Randy Regas, Dave Runnels, Mark Sanders, and Granville Smith
The Elders of Sugar Grove Church of Christ


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