WEEK 7: April 16th - 22nd

The Good News Deals with the Worst News and when we see The empty tomb we sin & death, the worst news, have been defeated. Jesus Truly is The Son Of God.

Week 6: April 9th - 15th

May we see the joy in following Jesus is in being with him. May we see our need for a simple confession that acknowledges who we are and who he is. And may we begin to be like Christ, intentionally going into our cities to give our life away so that others may know him.

WEek 5: April 2nd - April 8th

We see what it means for Jesus to be the Messiah & the good news that entrance into the Kingdom of God isn't based on our own accomplishments but what Christ has accomplished for us.

Week 4: March 26th - April 1st

We look at two stories that inform each other, both proclaiming that there is no situation to with out hope for Jesus. Rather, he steps into these situations and leaves us all in Awe & Wonder.

Week 3: March 19th - 25th

even the winds and waves obey Jesus. He has all authority and power and so we can confidently follow him into storms with him on our boat.

WEEk 2: March 12th-18th

Week 2 Reading Plan

Week 2 Video

"Kirk Cowell points us to the Jesus who welcomes us in and makes us a part of the community."

Week 1: March 5th - 11th

Week 1 Reading Plan


Week 1 Sermon

"We start our Series in the Gospel of Mark looking at the Authority and Power of Jesus."