Establish a partnership between family and church to have a positive influence on the spiritual development of your child



Families are built through birth, adoption, and marriage, as well as other means. When a child joins a family, it’s a milestone we want to celebrate with you. It’s a chance for us to circle up with your people and speak life over your growing family!

Imagine the End

You have about 936 weeks from birth to graduation. It goes by quickly! You have more opportunity than anyone else to shape the faith of your child. We want to encourage you to use your incredible influence to make the most of those weeks. Child Dedication serves as a launching point to make that commitment.

Widen the Circle

One of the elements of our Child Dedication is the practice of appointing paidagogos.

paidagōgós (from 3816 /país, "a child under development by strict instruction") – properly, a legally appointed overseer, authorized to train (bring) up a child by administering discipline, chastisement, and instruction, i.e. doing what was necessary to promote development.

These are people you invite to come alongside you in the spiritual development of your child. In short, you choose to widen the circle of influence by including other trusted adults to help shape your child's faith. 

child dedication

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