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Skill Skool

  • Sugar Grove Church of Christ 11600 West Airport Boulevard Meadows Place, TX, 77477 United States (map)

Skill Skool: Kingdom Quest

Join us for four days of fun! From crafting to sports, from ninja training to gaming, we have something for everybody ages 3 thru completed 5th Grade!

Here is a list of our classes:

Preschool & Kindergarten Classes

Kids in the Kitchen | Age 3 - Completed K

Ready to help mom and dad in the kitchen? Come learn to spread, cut, measure, and create as we cook some simple snacks and meals! You will leave full and ready to serve!

Bats, Balls & Playground Fun | Ages 3 - Incoming K

Are you full of energy and ready to play? Come kick a soccer ball, hit a baseball, dunk a basketball, and play on our playground! You will practice some sport basics and have good ole fashioned playground fun!

Music & Movement | Ages 3 - Incoming K

Who doesn’t love music and dancing? Come dance, play, sing, and move to some music. We will have different activities to help work on moving in rhythm, creating your own sounds and music, and working together and follow instructions! And don’t forget the dance parties!

Imagination Destination | Ages 3 - Incoming K

Are you ready to use your imagination? Come explore, discover, and learn about different places all over the world! You might be a pirate searching for treasure, an underwater explorer on the lookout for sharks, or an astronaut in outer space! Scavenger hunts, puzzles, and lots of imaginary fun!

Elementary Classes

Kids in the Kitchen | Completed Grades 1-5

Are you ready to be the next Master Chef? Join us as we learn important kitchen basics like cutting, spreading, measuring, and more! You will learn to cook and create your own simple meals and snacks!

Cookie Decorating | Completed Grades 3-5

Who doesn't love a good (and pretty) cookie? Come learn how to make and decorate cookies that you will love to share and eat!

Creative Crafting | Completed Grades 2-5

Do you love making different types of crafts? Come join us as we get our creative juices flowing to make fun and useable crafts! Crafts include purses, jewelry making, and more!

Woodworking | Completed Grades 2-5

Come build with the best! You will have the opportunity to build and create items out of wood. You will be supervised as you learn to use different tools to make something special.

Sugar Grove Ninja Warriors | Completed Grades 2-5

Have you seen the hit television show American Ninja Warriors and thought, I can do that! Now it's time to prove it! Sign up and prove your skills!

All Star Sports | Completed Grades K-5

Do you ever wonder what made Lebron James so successful? It because he enrolled in All Star Sports Skill Skool Classes.* Come learn and play multiple sports and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

(*It can neither be confirmed nor denied that Lebron James ever enrolled in a Skill Skool class like this one)

S.T.E.M. | Completed Grades 1-3

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math! Come build, test, design, and explore as we use legos, straws, and much more! Do you think you have what it takes to make a bridge out of straws, a car out of legos, or keep an egg safe during a big fall? This is the place for you!

Science, Slime, and Silly Stuff | Completed Grades K-5

Slime is all we need to say here! Come create, explore, and discover the messy and fun side of science.

Just Games | Completed Grades K-2

Get ready for GAMES, GAMES, GAMES! We will play different backyard and recess styles games that will teach you teamwork, strategy, and fun! Come ready to run and play!

Cheer, Glam & Glitter | Incoming K - Completed Grades 2

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how about you? Get ready for cheerleading fun! Learn skills, create a cheer, and make some cheer outfit essentials!

Barista in Training | Completed Grades 4-5

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at Starbucks? Come learn in our very own Cafe what it takes to be a barista. You will learn to make and serve different Cafe favorites, use the register, and help serve guests! And of course, taste testing is always included.

Each class is $15, which covers snacks and all activities.

Earlier Event: June 9
Youth Neighborhood Group
Later Event: June 14
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