Too often, we depend upon a circumstantial joy that needs everything to go right for us to find it. In the Christmas story, however, we see that even when things go wrong, the message is still Joy because it's built upon the love and promises of God.
In the birth of Jesus, we see God's love on full display. With the help of Kennedy Runions, we echo the praise of Zechariah who says: “Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come to his people and redeemed them.
We discuss the need to trade in the whimsical, dreamy, no plan or purpose hope with a biblical view of hope. One that moves us in faith filled action with eyes on the God who has moved and will move again. We see this kind of hope as we look at Simeon and Anna in Luke chapter 2.
*Please Note the Looping Audio at the beginning of the Video Stops at the 8 Minute Mark*
During this Advent season, we start our Christmas series by remembering the importance of remembering the primary thing we need, which God sent at The Fullness of Time. Knowing there will be so many other liturgies pulling us in different directions, we remind are selves of the simple beauty of the Gospel. At the Fullness of Time, God sent his Son.