Have you ever, like the Israelites, looked around an said, "My way is hidden from the Lord; my cause is disregarded by my God." Kirk gives us an honest approach at life in the middle of suffering and questioning, pointing us to a God who will not "break a bruised reed," nor "snuff out a smoldering wick."


The temporary masquerades as the eternal, casting doubt, promising to fulfill wants in the now. As those called to hold to the eternal, we bring the temporary to the feet of the King of Kings, knowing he can provide what we are incapable of producing in ourselves.


Using Isaiah 24 and 25, we discuss looking at the world through the lenses of the temporary and the eternal. When we exchange the eternal for the temporary, we rob ourselves of joy and miss out on the invitation to eat at the feast hosted by the King of Kings.


We start our new series in the book of Isaiah, getting a clear picture our own sinfulness and God's perfect holiness. In doing so, we are able to truly capture the beauty of God's Glorious Grace.