Sugar Grove Church of Christ relies on the generosity of its members to pursue it's mission to be For God and For Neighbor. And yet, this opportunity as individuals to steward our finances in such a way that allows us to proclaim the gospel in how we give can often be a difficult path to follow. Below are some suggested next steps to help you begin to to faithfully and generously give. 

#1. Give What You Got

Every Sunday, we take up an offering and maybe that's something you haven't participated in before. A great first step is to reach into you pocket and practice giving with whatever you find. Maybe all you have is a quarter or a waded up dollar bill. That's GREAT! It's not about the amount, it's about the practice. It's about saying, even with a small amount, that your trusting God to provide and thanking him for what He's given you.

#2. Come With a  Plan

So you've gotten used to putting something in the plate. AWESOME! Now, start to come to service with a plan. Go from searching for something in your pocket or purse to bringing something expecting to give. We don't stumble into good habits like eating healthy, working out more, or reading our bible and giving is no different. Come with a plan, no matter the amount, ready to participate in this act of worship.

#3. Nailing Down the Habit

So far, steps #1 and #2 have required you to be in the room and ready to give. But we have and will go through seasons where we we just don't feel like it or aren't able to make it to the weekend service. A great next step is to make your giving regular. This is why we provide online giving, which you can set up here. It's an easy and secure way to set up a recurring gift. 

#4. Never Becoming Satisfied

If you grew up in church, I'm sure you heard well intentioned people give you the number that determines success, 10%! Depending on where you are in this discipline, that may sound like a lot or a little. The truth of the matter is, the act of giving is like every other spiritual discipline. It's an opportunity to proclaim the gospel and the hope found in Jesus. And we don't think we should ever become satisfied with that. So, in this fourth and final step, begin to take steps towards increasing what your family can give. If you are at 1% right now, that's great. Begin to ask God what moving from 1% to 2% looks like and so on.

Should you have any questions about online giving, you can email our Finance Manager Cindy Fancher who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.