The Following is a excerpt from The Gospel Primer by Missio Publishing

My Gospel story…

Deep down inside, even if we can't explain it, we all yearn to be connected to something bigger. That is because our lives are all actually part of a much, much larger story. In order to effectively share the gospel with people, we must learn how to tell our stories through the lens of the larger story: Creation - Fall - Redemption - Restoration. As you consider how to tell your story in a way that glorifies God and is both challenging and inspiring to others, use the following questions to help guide you.

CREATION: Who or what most shaped your understanding of yourself? What were the sources of your sense of personal value and identity?

FALL: How was your relationship with God and others NOT the way God created it to be? Why?

REDEMPTION: How did you come to put your trust in him to save you and restore your life to the way God intended it to be? How has your life been rescued by Jesus?

RESTORATION: What has changed and what is changing in your life now? Who and what is the focus of your life today?

Care to practice sharing your story now? Write it down below and send it to Doug - he loves hearing stories and promises not to share it with anyone else.

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