Three Ways You Can Engage Your Kid Tonight

Discipleship isn't one big thing. It's a thousand little things that add up to something significant. Here are three little deposits you can make for discipleship that can fit into your busy day today.


When it comes to passing Jesus on to my kids, I've often struggled with finding a great resource to use. What I've discovered along the way is the thing my kids need most for discipleship is me seeking God in my own life.

If I'm filling my soul up with more of God, it's more likely the things of God are the things that spill out of me. When my soul is thirsty, the things that spill out are less than lovely. I'm pretty confident that I'm not alone in this observation. We are human; we need God for literally everything all the way down to our breath. Recognizing that changes everything.

Now, before we go on, there's no need for make up work. Just do today.

Filling your cup can take many different forms. Read some scripture. Put on a soul-filling podcast. Stop and notice where God is in both the good and bad of your day. Tell Him. Listen to worship music. Make a gratitude list... it doesn't even have to be on paper! Look for one of the ways that God is revealing Himself to you today.


Our schedules can carry us in all kinds of directions. Going over the plans for the weekend makes my head spin sometimes! Find a moment to be focused and present. It might be around the dinner table. Maybe it's in the car or while doing a routine task together. Last night, I was preparing to crawl into bed early when my daughter asked if we could just sit and talk, so I invited her to crawl up in the bed and tell me about her day and what was going on in her world.

As our kids grow up, we're the ones who get to embrace their needs, engage their interests, affirm their personal journey and mobilize their potential. So, look for your chances to snuggle, laugh, play, speak life and cheer. You may not realize it, but showing up in these ways helps to point to the character and nature of our good God.


Have you ever spent time with a great question-asker? Great question-askers inspire me. I want to be more like them because their questions make me feel like my perspective and experiences are important.

Questions are an incredible tool in raising kids. A hammer is a tool that can be used to build something useful, but it can also smash a thumb. Questions are the same so we must take great care in applying them for good! It doesn't take too many nagging or distrusting questions to smash the spirit of my teenager. Yet posing a silly or an interesting question can start a good conversation that can build relationship, trust and even faith. Jesus was a great question-asker. Even today, the questions we know He posed make us stop and consider ourselves and what we believe.

Here are a few to get you started. Choose one to try out tonight!

  • Would you rather...? (then pose two real or ridiculous options)
  • What's one thing that made you smile today?
  • If you could do anything at all, how would you spend your Spring Break?
  • What's something you've noticed about God lately?

There you go! Three small, but practical ways you can build into your kid's faith today. Which one are you most excited about trying?