A Team without Jerseys

You know that hopeless feeling when you've done all there is to do and you simply can't fix it? That's where I was last Thursday.

Let me back up to Wednesday night. My tween daughter asked her small group leaders to pray for a minor outpatient procedure she was going to have the next day.

She had the procedure and was resting at home in the evening, but this kind of pain was new to her and she was struggling with it. We had given her everything she needed: pain medication, antibiotics, a comfortable place to recover and empathy. Lexi is never shy about how she feels about anything. So, we knew in no uncertain terms that she was in pain.  I'd done everything there was to do and I couldn't fix it. I was feeling stuck. That's when the conversation I'd had with her small group leader popped up in my mind. "Oh yeah! Cynthia knows about this. Maybe she can help!" So, I discreetly sent her a text to let her know what the situation was and asked if she could check in with Lexi.

She called Lexi's phone and they chatted. I cannot begin to describe the sound of her laughter as they talked. In my ears, it was magic!

The pain was still there, but she was calm the rest of the evening. Simply knowing that she had another adult in her corner made all the difference on an otherwise normal Thursday night.

The next day, I got a thoughtful text from Roger, her other small group leader. He announces the radio broadcasts for local baseball teams. He asked me to have Lexi tune in to the game that night and gave her a very special shout out just to let her know he was thinking of her.

Both gestures were simple, yet they had a profound impact on both Lexi and me. God has heard me give thanks for them multiple times this week. If they could letter in being on my team, they'd earn one! We are not meant to do this alone.

Who is on your team?

Every kid needs five adults who are FOR them. Kids need adults who believe in them. It's best when those leaders believe in God. Look for people in your child's life who will walk beside your family and point your child to Jesus. Your child's small group leader is a great place to start. Family, friends, coaches, teachers and others who care about your child might be other great team members. You don't have to formalize a team, but do take the time to notice who they might be.

Rally Your Team

Give your team the opportunity to show up during the week. Tell them about sporting events, recitals, celebrations and birthdays. Let them know when you're facing challenges, transitions, tests and medical concerns. Athletic teams show up for each other consistently to practice together. They also dig in together when the stakes are high and the game gets tough; they pull out all the stops to celebrate a win together. Your team wants to show up consistently, dig in and celebrate your child, too, so invite them in.

Celebrate Your Team

When someone shows up for your child, recognize them. Thank them. Snap a photo. Buy them coffee. Celebrate the friendship your child has with them. Go all out and get them jerseys. You could even send them this post with a little thank you note about how they make a difference in your family.

We can do more together!