Sunday Best: God in the Ordinary, Everyday

Sunday Best

Have you ever been made to dress up in your Sunday best? Most of us have!

For me, I remember this one maroon dress. I hated it! I can distinctly remember what it felt like to wear that dress. I can tell you exactly how it felt to endure not only itchy lace sleeves, but also too-tight elastic on the sleeves. I recalled this dress long before the photo of me in it showed up in my life as an adult. Clearly, it’s written all over my face how delightful it was.


When I was really little, we went to church pretty much on Christmas and Easter. Between having to wear the hated dress and endure the endless combing and braiding of my long hair, what I learned was: “I had to make myself better to go meet God.”

It wasn’t until much later that I learned that God has already come to meet me, right where I am.

Back in Athens

Today, one of my favorite stories in the Bible happens on one of Paul’s visit to Athens. He’s explaining to a bunch of people who know religion, but don’t know the one true God - who God is.

God did this so that people would seek him. And perhaps they would reach out for him and find him. They would find him even though he is not far from any of us. ‘In him we live and move and exist.’ As some of your own poets have also said, ‘We are his children.’

Acts 17:27-28

God is Not Far from Us

The people in Athens thought they needed to create pretty places for gods to dwell.
I thought I had to make myself better to meet God.
The Bible says, God is not far from us. He’s already in your ordinary, everyday life! He’s right there. Do you notice Him? What would happen if you did?

God is the Reason we Live, Move and Exist

He elevates this unknown God above all the other gods by telling them He is the reason for everything. He’s the reason we live, we move and we exist. But we can go on about our living, and moving and existing without acknowledging Him. What would happen in your life, if you noticed Him in your everyday living, moving and be-ing?

God is Our Parent

The people of Athens held a special honor for children of gods. Paul comes into their city and tells them that they are children of the one, true God. I imagine that would have made them feel pretty special.

Parents and kids may not see eye-to-eye, they may have a battle of the wills going on, they might be having tough day. In spite of all that, parents love, nurture, and want closeness with their kids. Kids, might not want to admit it, but they know their parents do love, nurture an want closeness! What would change in how we see ourselves if we remembered that God loves us as well as a parent does times infinity?

Here’s the Point

We don’t have to bring our Sunday-best-selves in order to meet God. Just like the people in Athens, we can meet God in the ordinary, every day because He is already there:

  • He’s not far from us

  • He’s the reason we live, move & exist

  • He’s our parent

We can and should look for Him in the ordinary, everyday things! You can start now as you play some ordinary board games and use them along with these conversation starters as a springboard for you and your family to notice God.