WEEK 6: SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

"Service Sunday"

By: Doug Robinson
We wrap up our series, "Jesus for Prophet, Priest, and King," inviting all to become living, breathing, active posters.


WEEK 5: SEPTEMBER 18, 2016

"Prophets, Priests, and Kings Among Us"

By: Doug Robinson
We discuss the call to proclaim redemption and the forgiveness of sins as prophets, priests, and kings.


WEEK 4: SEPTEMBER 11, 2016


By: Doug Robinson
Jesus is the Perfect King - The one who is promised, who will rule in God's perfect Kingdom.


WEEK 3: September 4, 2016

"JESUS FOR Priest"

By: Doug Robinson
Jesus is the Perfect Priest - Offering himself as the perfect sacrifice by which we have been made holy.


WEEK 2: August 28, 2016

"Jesus for prophet"

By: Doug Robinson
Jesus is the Perfect Prophet - Proclaiming the Kingdom of God while inviting us to participate in the proclamation.


WEEK 1: August 21, 2016

"Jesus for prophet, priest, and king"

By: Doug Robinson
We started our new series talking about Jesus, the perfect Prophet, Priest, and King and looked at the gift of Community, one of our six core values at Sugar Grove Church of Christ.