Sermon Series


Moving through the books of Luke & Acts, may we see that God moves On Purpose to rescue, redeem, and restore the broken relationship with humanity through Jesus. As we see His love in what happens, may we respond as a people who move On Purpose, celebrating and proclaiming the eternal life that is found in the King who rules and reigns, King Jesus.  


We head into the New Year with a service of prayer. Join in and pray with us for 2018 and all that God has planned.


During this Advent season, we start our Christmas series by remembering the importance of remembering the primary thing we need, which God sent at The Fullness of Time. Knowing there will be so many other liturgies pulling us in different directions, we remind are selves of the simple beauty of the Gospel. At the Fullness of Time, God sent his Son.


Life seems to be moving a million miles a minute, leaving us unable to give much thought to anything these days. We hope that in this series, we'll get slow down and Reflect on the Generosity of God. And, as those made in the Image of God, consider what it means to Reflect Him to our community.

Over the summer, we're going through the book of Isaiah. We'd love for you to join in on a Sunday morning! If you missed a week, you can click below to catch up.

The church is a body of people on mission together to proclaim the hope that is found in Jesus. This mission is best advanced and proclaimed as people humble themselves and serve, best seen in the Cross. Join us this series as we walk thru Michael Frost's Book Surprise the World as a church and begin to ask what it looks like to live "A Questionable Life."

As people, we know the feeling of Amazement. Yet over time, with familiarity and the pull from so many sources, we can begin to gloss over the extraordinary. The Gospel of Mark pulls us back in and reminds us of the Worship King Jesus deserves as he ushers in the Kingdom of God, leaving us in Awe & Wonder.

We know things are supposed to change but have you ever asked yourself "What Now?" We'll look to answer that question and more as we talk about navigating life's next steps in the pursuit of holiness.


We start 2017 by asking God to bless our efforts, bless our city, bless our leaders, and bless our mission and vision so that people would come to know Christ and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

A common feeling during the Christmas seasons is Generosity! Come celebrate the Christmas season with us, as we see Generosity coming forth from God to His people through the Christmas Story.


The Bible points us to Jesus on every page and this is good news. Click below to find out more & join in on our reading plan throughout the series.

In a world of voting and campaigning, we want to stop & recognize that we have all we need in Jesus, the perfect Prophet, Priest, and King. 


We are taking the Summer to look at what Paul had to say to the church in Corinth and how that applies to our lives today. We want to see how the empty tomb fills every part of our lives.


Tired of a life of Survival? Looking for a life of THRIVAL!?! Join in on the series and see what a life of THRIVAL is all about. Hint: It's about a Connection God & a Connection with Others!

We celebrate our graduating seniors as they pass this milestone in their lives.

Easter was a great day! Click here to watch our Easter Service!