Do It Again

I found this video while searching You Tube for Christian Based Motivational Videos. It has become a habit of mine recently and is becoming a bit of an obsession.

As I exercised yesterday I played this video and another one by Elevation Church called I Will Fight over and over again. I was overwhelmed by them and found myself reviewing the Six Sides over and over again.

Righteousness: I have been given the ultimate charge. The ultimate revelation in the form of the gospel. Did I utilize the gifts and opportunities I had been given?

Godliness: Did I put God first in regards to my actions? Did I seek to show His glory or my own?

Faith: My past is crystal clear and yet stoic. I cannot change it. I can only go forward but the path is pitch black with flashes of light of what could be. Will I trust in Him to guide me? Will I close my eyes, step forward and believe?

Love: Temperament. Did I allow anger into my heart and mind? What overflowed from me?

Endurance: What challenged me…over and over again? Did I allow fatigue to win?

Gentleness: Hard and firm or soft and gentle? Which way did I chose?

I thought of these things and then I thought of them again. Regardless of how well we did or did not do we have to…do it again.

P.S. Last but certainly not least on Monday May 9th tell your favorite Mom’s out there you love and appreciate them as much on that day as on Mother’s Day! Everyday should be a celebration and appreciation for all the Moms out there.

God Bless,

Sean M
Member, Six-Sided Men

MENDouglas Robinson