Pursuit of Righteousness

Sitting around drinking coffee with several other guys from different generations, different backgrounds, different political beliefs, and just different places in life is not where many of you want to start your week, but it is somewhere I have chosen to start my week the last two Mondays. You see, Monday has always been my least favorite day until just a couple weeks ago.  With kicking off this Men’s Ministry, the Six-Sided Man, we as a team did not know or understand where God would lead us. He’s opened avenues for us to meet as a whole every third Saturday of the month, and He’s opened an avenue for us to meet on Mondays in The Grove.

Many of you have expressed interest in coming on Mondays, but your work schedule or weekly structure will not allow it. I recommend starting your own group time. Unfortunately there are many people that cannot make the Monday morning group, but could make a Tuesday night, or a Wednesday lunch, or whatever, so don’t hesitate to begin a small group with purpose.

This will begin to be the challenge as we move forward. Many of you, like me, have been called at some point, but you don’t answer. Many of you have a burning inside you, but you don’t blow on the flame and stoke the fire. Many of you are presented opportunities, day in and day out, to share the Gospel, and like me, you shy away or turn it down. Find strength in meeting with others that are not exactly like you just so you can see how normal you are, and how flawed you are, and be reminded of how, through Christ, we are all reconciled. Find purpose in your gatherings with other dudes. Be the purpose. Be the hex head standing out in a group of round heads. Be a six-sided man.

As we move into our thoughts for Monday, and into our weekend Six-Sided Man event #2, I want you to think about RIGHTEOUSNESS. You know, that word most would consider a four letter word if people wouldn’t look at them funny and say, “Dude, there’s thirteen letters in that word, not four.” Duh, but it’s not a word I like to use, and it’s definitely not a word I like to use to describe myself.

Why is that? Why are we scared of this word? Is it the fact that Jesus was Righteous, and since we know Jesus was perfect, we tie righteousness to perfection? Is it because we think of the Self-Righteous people that drive us bonkers? Do we think if we are Righteous or proclaim to be Righteous, that people would look at us the same?

Here’s some homework – Read Romans 3. There are some great thoughts in here  regarding Righteousness that we often forget. We are called to be Righteous, and we receive this Righteousness from God through faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 3:22). Even though this verse brings me comfort, it is the next verse that truly helps me understand part of my purpose.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, AND are justified freely by his grace through redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

Romans 3:23-24

Does this verse give you comfort or what? I love the way Paul used the word, “AND” in this verse. To know that I am a sinner like ALL other people, AND Christ redeems me FREELY through GRACE…that is music to my ears, and helps me understand that I am Righteous.  I am Righteous through Christ, who redeems me. Through reconciliation and redemption, I can choose daily to try and fulfill the purpose that God placed in me, and that is to live a Righteous and perfect life through Christ. I am made perfect through Christ, therefore I am Righteous through him.

Are we called to maintain a righteousness? Does that Righteousness look the same in everyone? Do we all respond the same way? Do we all portray it the same way? Think through these questions as the week progresses and bring your thoughts Saturday.

Have a great week.

Flee from whatever junk you have in your lives, and pursue the things that God calls on us as men, as people, to possess: Righteousness, Godliness, Faith, Love, Endurance and Gentleness. Always strive to be better at these and be the best Six-Sided man you can be.