Full of It

I'm full of it and so are you.

The million dollar question is what that is...  

I want to thank God and David Bozeman for helping me begin to see this in a clearer manner over the last day or so. In our February Six-Sided Men event on Saturday David made a correlation to a cup being "empty". However, he pointed out that while it may seem empty it's not. The cup is always filled with something.  

I wondered what it would look like to see what I was made of during that entire day displayed in a clear bottle with ingredients listed for the world to see. Fear 25%... Anger 15%... Pride 35%... Love 10%. What was I full of yesterday? Who would be lining up to take a drink?  

We like to focus on Sin in regards to being definitive. Murder, stealing or some other action. Those actions aren't the disease they're symptoms of a greater issue. They showcase what fills our hearts and minds. What are we filled with and how do we go out into the world to show it off. 

The Good News and the bad news are the same. We can trust in God and let the Fruits of the Spirit be our ingredients or not. It's always been my favorite verse because of the last sentence... Against such things there is no law. We have the choice to allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in us or take the wheel ourselves.  Nothing is truly in the way of it.  

We have to make that choice every second of every day. The picture above is from a note I created and stuck in our shower. I want and need to remind myself to set that tone first thing everyday. I know what I'm capable of being full of and I know what I want to be full of.  I can do both types quite well.  

What are you full of? What do you want to be?

Sean M.
Member, Six-Sided Men

MENDouglas Robinson