Bryan Callen & Hunter Maats

             Bryan Callen & Hunter Maats

For years I've listened to the Podcast The Bryan Callen Show which features comedian and actor Bryan Callen along with his co-host Hunter Maats. It is an intellectual playground grounded by the broad life experiences of both men as well as a constant desire to increase their knowledge. I truly admire both men for their unique talents and perceptions. They have taught and exposed me to much. 

They have had Quantum Physicists, renowned authors on numerous academic subjects, professors and bankers who have serviced financial institutions throughout the world (Bryan's Dad and my favorite guest). They compliment them in a sense with Adult Entertainment Professionals, Drug Kingpins and former Gang Leaders . Yes. You read that correctly. They also bring on staunch Atheists like Lawrence Krauss who believe teaching children religious doctrine should be equated to child abuse

While I personally gravitate to a specific type of guest I find it part of my personal reconfirmation of my faith and my own understanding to give each guest their just due and listen. This is regardless of the difficulty in the perspective of such guests as Mr. Krauss and advocates of the Adult Entertainment Industry. The great majority of the time listening has led to a greater understanding of many things internally speaking and has never once caused me harm of any kind.

I know neither Hunter nor Bryan are Christians so I had to take a step back on a recent article Hunter wrote about comparing Jesus to Neuroscientist Sam Harris and challenging the reader as to whether or not Jesus understood the brain better than the PhD educated current darling of the scientific community.  

The article is not short and no Hunter won't be seen in a Pew Near You anytime soon but I was truly taken aback by his embodiment of the Gospel despite him not being a Christian. He accurately quotes and represents the content of the words in Red and what Jesus has been trying to tell Christians for millennia. He talks of his transformation and going from being blind to being able to see. To understanding his own shortcomings and ensuring they get the proper acknowledgement.  

While many of my fellow Christians, myself included I have to admit, when unchecked become litigious, static and check-the-box focused when we do so we miss the opportunity to truly grow into the person God has set forth. If a person who is not a Christian can see the truth in not just Jesus' words but what they mean we need to do...why can't we? Why can we not be humble and internally focused members of #teamplank?

Here is a link to his piece.   

MENDouglas Robinson