Sugar Grove is relaxed- It doesn’t matter what you wear on a Sunday morning because what is important is you, not your clothes- dress however you like. Everyone is viewed and treated as being equal and equally important. Sugar Grove is passionate about being led by God- It isn’t simply a logo to slap on a sign; it is actually how the church works. God has taught Sugar Grove to trust Him and in turn the leadership has time and again shown their willingness to let God be in charge. Sugar Grove is focused upon the community- Sugar Grove is the only church in Meadows Place, Texas which has dramatically shaped its passion to reach out to the community.  

Stream Online

Can't make it to church this morning? You can stream our service live or watch a replay by clicking the button below!

Bible Class

Sugar Grove offers great Bible Class options that meet from 10:30AM - 11:15AM. To see a list of the classes available, click the button below.

When we meet:

9:00AM: Worship Service
10:30AM: Bible Classes for All Ages

Our Address:

11600 West Airpot Blvd.
Meadows Place, TX 77477