The Cafe in the Grove Shop Menu

The Grove Coffee Shop offers a wide range of menu items and is open at the following times:
Sunday: 8AM - 9AM & 10:15AM - 10:45AM
Tuesday: 7:30AM - 9:30AM
Wednesday: 5:30PM - 6:45PM
Take a look at the menu below and come by to try a delicious drink or snack. You can also click here to look at the Cafe in the Grove Menu for the month. 

Hot Drinks

Latte: Steamed milk with smooth espresso; also available iced.
Chai Tea Latte: Spiced/Sugar Free.
Mocha: Hot espresso with a lightly sweetened chocolate sauce.
White Chocolate Mocha: Hot espresso with a lightly sweetened white chocolate sauce.
Caramel Macchiato: Vanilla & caramel latte with caramel drizzled on top.
Americano: Also Available Iced.
Hot Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Polar Express
An ultimate Hot Chocolate
Harney and Sons Hot Tea*

*hot tea flavors

Dragon Pearl Jasmine: Hand-rolled pearls a gently infused with jasmine flowers
English Breakfast: English black tea with hints of toast & honey
Paris: Black tea with vanilla, caramel, and a hint of lemon
Pomegranate Oolong: Light oolong with strong pomegranate
Blueberry Green: Green tea blended with blueberry flavor
Vanilla Comoro: Decaffeinated black tea and vanilla
African Autumn: Herbal decaf real bush, hibiscus, orange pea and cranberry
Hot Cinnamon: Decaf black tea with sweet cloves, cinnamon and orange peel
Coconut Green Tea: Green tea with a hint of vanilla, coconut & ginger



Coffee Frappe: Flavors: Mocha, Caramel Latte, No sugar added Mocha.
Frappe: Flavors: Vanilla Bean, No Sugar Vanilla, Frozen Chocolate. Chai Tea
Fruit Smoothie: All natural Strawberry, Mango, Strawberry/Banana, Smartfruit Strawberry, Smartfruit Peach
Iced Tea: Harney & Sons fresh brew whole leaf tea
Orange or Apple Juice


Syrups: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Hazelnut, Sugar Free Caramel, Peppermint, Sugar Free Peppermint, Seasonal Flavors.
Sauces: Caramel, Chocolate, White Chocolate


8oz. Milk: White, Chocolate.
Juice Box: Apple
8oz. Hot Chocolate


3 Mini Cinnamon Rolls
Packaged Muffins
Sunday Mornings
-Alternating Kolatches & Breakfast Tacos
Assorted Snacks